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LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask
LED light therapy mask
Red light therapy mask
Blue light therapy mask
Yellow light therapy mask
led therapy mask
LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask
Red Light Therapy Mask
red light therapy results
Blue light therapy results
LED light therapy results
LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask - Supreme Glo
LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask - Supreme Glo
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LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask

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Discover your true Glow with the power of LED light therapy!

Introducing the Supreme Glo® LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask, Now upgraded to our most powerful led lights and most comfortable ergonomic fit - this is a must-have for everyone's beauty regime. 

Our 3 in 1 light therapy device reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes painful acne and kills acne-causing bacteria as well as fading away scarring and brightening your complexion leaving plump supple and clear skin. 

Simple to use with its USB connection, it is perfect for a self-care day. All you need to do is plug in and relax leaving this life-changing device to work its magic in just 10 minutes to reveal that youthful glow we all desire. 

Now you can take care of your skin at a dermatologist quality level saving you hundreds on treatments with our simple and easy to use LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask without even having to step foot outside the comfort of your own home. 

 LED Light Therapy benefits

Blue LED light (wavelength 460-470 nanometers) targets the bacteria responsible for acne on its own, and when combined with the inflammation-reducing red light, is even more effective for calming a breakout.

Red LED light (wavelength range of 620 – 630 nanometers) has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen (plumping skin), elastin (for elasticity), and it improves the circulation, leading to smoother, tighter skin.

Yellow LED light (wavelength range of 580 – 590 nanometers) is also sometimes referred to as amber light therapy. It has a shallow skin penetration and can be effective for skin issues involving redness, such as spider veins or rosacea.


How to use

  • Cleanse face thoroughly - removing all makeup on your skin. 
  • Insert one end of the USB cable provided into the product’s port and one into your power source socket (not included in mask package).
  • Switch on the power and select the colour of light treatment you would like to use by tapping the touch switch. Each tap will change the colour.
  • Get into a comfortable position, wear your mask and enjoy! You can moisturize your face after use for hydration if necessary.

 It is recommended to use the LED light therapy mask daily for a 10-20 minute session. For optimal results it is important to use the mask consistently, once a day.


 What is an LED Light Therapy Mask?

LED light therapy has been used for years by dermatologists to rejuvenate, treat acne, reduce signed of ageing rosacea and post inflammatory scarring/pigmentation. 

LED light therapy works by penetrating into the skin with a low-level light energy. This energy depending on which colour light is being used reaches different layers of the skin which in turn promotes production of collagen, aids in decreasing inflammation an improving blood circulation as well as removing toxins. 

Does it hurt? 

No - LED light therapy is pain free and and non-invasive. 

Is it Safe?

Yes, The LED light therapy mask is completely safe for at home use and does not emit any harmful ultraviolet wavelengths of light.

How Often Should I use my Mask?

We recommend to use your mask for 10-20 minutes at least 3-4 times a week within the first couple of weeks and then reducing to 2-3 times a week after about three weeks and keeping up with these sessions for maintenance of your skin. This device is safe to use consistently every day with the recommended time if you wish to do so.

How Long until I see results?

As skin is unique to each person we advise that your results will vary to another person doing the exact same treatment, you will most likely see dramatic results after weeks 6-12 of consistent use, however some clients have seen results within 2 weeks.

Are there any Side effects?

LED light therapy is a clinically proven and tested treatment which is safe, gentle and non-invasive to your skin. We advise not to use if you have an allergy to lights or if you have epilepsy. If you do experience any irritation, discontinue use if this lasts more than 24 hours. 

Can I use this while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Led light therapy has been safely used in skincare salons to treat hormonal skin concerns in pregnant women as a safe and non invasive option during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Chloe M
Seeing great results!

I received this as a Birthday gift in lockdown and it has far exceeded my expectations. I have been getting super bad acne over lockdown ,mostly from wearing a mask so much and the inevitable increased junk food eating.Seeing results after being so down about the way my skin was looking has been so nice. I use it every night before bed now as a wind down self care session before bed.

Piki Hoskins
Great Purchase

The best purchase I have made to include in my skincare routine. When you don't have time for regular treatments it's great to have something at home that can fill in the gap.


In love with this device. It's completely cleared up my acne I had been battling with for so long. The confidence I now feel is unreal and I'm so much happier leaving the house without makeup.

Awesome device

I bought this mask a year ago, It has been my best skincare secret since! I use this religiously now at least 3 times a week to keep my skin clear and glowy. Definitely recommend, worth the price ladies!!!


My Lockdown saviour!! I have been missing out on my usual monthly skin appointments due to covid and the lockdowns going on so I thought I'd try this baby out, boy am I glad I did!! I had no idea I could get the same results with this device instead! I'm hooked!